The saga continues: HTC’s revenue plummets 60% since last October

HTC Windows Phones 8X, 8S coming to the rest of the world on November 20th

Oh HTC. It’s sad that a company with truly great hardware is heading down the same path as RIM did. (Hasn’t that sloppy mess flatlined yet?) HTC announced its monthly sales for October and the news is quite abysmal to say the least.

In 2011, the vendor sold NT$44 billion ($1.5 billion) worth of smartphones. 2012 is a dramatically different story: sales are down to NT$17.2 billion ($588 million.) There isn’t much time left in the year and the company is 14 percent short of its earlier guidance. Not only are the year over year statistics pretty embarrassing, but the revenue is falling at a staggering rate even month after month.


The biggest saving grace for this year will be the holiday shopping season, which has already kicked off here on IntoMobile. HTC will have a prime chance to show off its latest Windows Phone devices: the Windows Phone 8X and 8S. Windows Phone 8 already looks favorable and with HTC’s hardware thrown in, the phones should certainly be pretty solid.

The problem is Windows Phone has failed to catch on with mainstream consumers in the same way that Android and iOS have. HTC already lost yet another attempt with Android earlier this year with the One X and One S. Samsung is another obstacle to climb over. Since Samsung has established itself as the primary alternative to an Apple iPhone, HTC needs to give consumers a good answer to the question “Why should I buy this HTC device over this Samsung one?”

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  • alexxx

    Yeah man, true that. I’m always posting in their favour, not at all in an unreasonable manner, or untrue to my real opinion, my posts being just that. I feel that every bit of positive helps. I don’t feel childish or like a brandadict, but I look at the whole big picture and how focused we all are onto this mobile game/race – its nothing short of amazing- and I, just like you, feel that it would be a shame to ever loose HTC. Man, they only ever focused on mobile devices, and they always did a superb job, each of their devices feels so alive, so well thought out inside out. Enormous power houses like Apple and Samsung both come from totally different past, they still don’t envision a mobile device as what it is as a whole – the delicate balance of aesthetics, performance, usability and durability – HTC was born a smartphone, it always ever was that, and it always ever focused on just that. Yeah, its bad at showing itself off, doesn’t have billions yet to market itself like Sampple(terrible!). But what great artist does, without a “sponsor”?They need new global branding that will face itself as what htc really stands for, a high tech computer! Let the artsy/nerdy persona out, show off lots of that lime green main color that it shares with Android robot and nVidia, slap it all together, and say it all without words…quietly brilliant…some krap like that, come on HTC! Someone needs to see it and market properly. Watch Samsung rebrand. Why? So much young audience, they wanna be more cool and now. All in all, someone needs to inject HTC with fresh perspective and cold hard cash.

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