HTC 8X landing in AT&T stores tomorrow

If you’ve been looking to get your hands on the HTC 8X from AT&T, you’ll be able to do just that tomorrow. AT&T just announced the official availability of the device and it’s definitely a great Windows Phone option, alongside the Nokia Lumia 920. Starting tomorrow, you’ll be able to order the HTC 8X online or pick one up in-store.

The HTC 8X will come in two color options and storage¬†capacities, but the Limelight (above) will only come in an 8GB option, and if you’re looking for more internal storage, you’ll only have the California Blue to choose from. While the 8X is a great handset, limiting storage options to something like 8GB and not including a microSD card slot is something that makes us think that AT&T will end up having a surplus of the smaller storage option.

The Nexus 4 is getting similar complaints, but at least the LTE-less, 16GB option for the handset is $50 more, not $100 like the 16GB 8X. No matter what storage option or color you choose, the 8X is still one of the best Windows Phones around. Just make sure you get enough storage, as you’ll be SOL otherwise.

For more about the HTC 8X, be sure to check out our official review!


[Via: AT&T Blog]


  • Thedisaappointedone

    I’ve called several AT&T stores today to see if the Nokia will be available (the 9th) and none have it yet…just fyi.

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