AT&T targets Sprint’s Nextel customers

Sprint has been in the process of shutting down its Nextel network, which is causing the top carriers like AT&T to target disgruntled customers. The Death Star says it hopes to snag 10 percent of the remaining customers over to its own push-to-talk products. The second largest US carrier is pushing out its own 2-way phones, with the recent launch of its Rugby Pro handset. All AT&T push-to-talk phones can use their LTE network, as that’s a huge advantage for those looking to switch.

Chris Hill, senior vice president of AT&T, had this to say in a statement:

“For workers in industries like construction, manufacturing and public safety, mobile devices that can withstand harsh conditions are essential.” He continued saying “We’re offering AT&T Enhanced PTT on a variety of rugged devices to give our customers the performance and durability they need to get in touch quickly on the job — no matter what conditions they face.”

The company’s enhanced push-to-talk service starts at $5 per month in addition to other rate plans, or $30 for the standalone push-to-talk service. We can’t say AT&T targeting Sprint’s old push-to-talk customers is a bad thing for The Now Network, because the company already expected to lose some of those customers anyway.

[via AllThingsD]


  • Mochunk

    I tried it – its pretty amazing for PTT

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