US and UK Google Nexus 4 supplies sell out in less than 50 minutes

Google launched its Nexus 4 earlier this morning in the US and the UK, and both the 16GB and 8GB models are now sold out. The two handsets flew off the shelves selling out in the UK and the US in less than an hour. Android World is also reporting that sales of the Nexus 4 in Belgium and the Netherlands were cancelled due to unexpected, overwhelming demand for the phone.

Without knowing the actual sales numbers, it’s difficult to tell whether demand for the handset was off the charts or the original production run of handsets was on the low side. Hopefully, Google or LG will comment on sales figures and let us know how many millions of phones it sold today. That being said, did you get your Nexus 4 today or were you left out in the cold?

[Via The Next Web, ZDNet, Android World, Tech Crunch and Google Play]

  • JoBg56

    got it 4 minutes after sales went online

  • Joseph Davis

    It didn’t sell out in the US yet. The representative I spoke to on the phone said that the play store was down on their end due to volume. You should check your facts a little more.

  • Omar G.

    I hit the refresh button at 11:36am PST and to my surprise the Google Play store was already selling the Nexus 4. I was able to purchase mine in less that 2 minutes without any website problems!

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