CyanogenMod 10 release goes stable, many new devices supported

Cyanogen Mod users rejoice! Over the last few days, the CyanogenMod team has been releasing a new “stable” build of CM10 for a variety of devices. The build, which is based on Jelly Bean, has been made available over the last few days for some of the more popular Android devices. Some of the devices that are now supported are the U.S. Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note, HTC One X and S, and Sony Xperia T, as well as many others. Updates may be obtained via CM’s download portal, CM’s updater or ROM Manager.

While the update is being touted as “stable” Cyanogen adds,

“Why is stable in quotes? Because that word does a disservice to the M-series and is misleading at worst. The word stable works great when discussing kernels, but calling this release ‘stable’ implies that the M-series builds were not ‘stable’, which is far from the truth. So think of this as stable, release, LTS, or M3; you pick.”

Thanks to the release of AOSP Android 4.2, the CyanogenMod team is now plugging away at creating CM10.1, bringing the custom ROM to the latest version of Jelly Bean.

Via [Android Central]



  • ynotlyons

    Installed new ROM from previous Custom ROM (Nocturnal) and Phone, System UI, Messaging and a multitude of other base applications consistently crash and stop working.

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