3,600 iPad minis stolen from JFK cargo hold

According to The New York Post, approximately 3,600 iPad minis were stolen from a cargo hold at New York City’s John F. Kennedy Airport. The report suggests that at least two individuals took a truck into the cargo area at JFK around 11pm on Monday night, and used forklifts to load two pallets of iPad minis onto the truck before the apparently lone worker in that area returned from a lunch break.

When confronted, the two crooks escaped with the two pallets, leaving behind three more they were targeting. The two crates of iPad minis add up to some $1.5 million in inventory, easily meeting the highest criteria for grand theft in the state of New York.

Investigators in the case are suspecting that this was an inside job. They believe an accomplice likely let the thieves into the cargo area, and escorted them out once the robbery was complete. The criminals are still at large, though they’re likely spending some quality time on the DL playing Angry Birds Star Wars on one of their 3,600 new iPad minis.

[via Business Insider]

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