Nokia Lumia 920 demand in Australia “beyond amazing,” globally “higher than expected”

Nokia Lumia 920 demand in Australia beyond amazing

Australia’s Telstra is reporting that Nokia Lumia 920 is selling like hot cupcakes on a cold winter day. In fact, the demand has been impressive, with the carrier’s rep calling it “beyond amazing.” He/she went on to say that it’s not just Australia where Nokia is selling a ton of Lumia 920’s — globally the demand was “higher than expected.”

Of course, this could be in part due to limited stock, but we tend/want to think that the Finnish company has finally found a killer device, one that will help it get back to growth. Seeing just two handset makers — Apple and Samsung — making most of the money today is kinda boring. We want more action. 😉

And you can get the exact words of Telstra’s rep from Twitter – here’s a link.

[Via: WMpoweruser]

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