Apple looking to make the iPhone’s “silent mode” truly silent

Apple looking to make the iPhone's silent mode truly silent

The iPhone’s silent mode isn’t “silent enough” for many people. If you hold your beloved smartphone on a hard surface, it will create a rattling noise often times more disruptive than a normal audible tone. To prevent this annoyance, Apple is patenting a new way that will make future iPhones “more silent.”

The company’s patent application shows us the way Cupertino folks envision this. The phone will monitor audible sound levels generated by a phone’s vibrator and adjust the [vibrating] mechanism accordingly, even shutting down vibrations completely and replacing it with smooth audible tones.

The filing covers two types of haptic devices, or vibrators, used in modern smartphones – rotating and oscillating linear vibrators. Devices using the former vibrator have an eccentric weight attached to a spinning drive shaft, while the latter method relies on magnetic force to drive a weight back and forth…

It’s unclear when the first iPhone sporting this technology will be unveiled, but boy, do we find the vibration annoying from time to time…

[Via: AppleInsider]

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