AT&T revamps talk and text plans for international travelers

Some months after changing its international data plans, AT&T is revamping its entire line of services for travelers, which means talking and texting plans are getting a refresh as well.

AT&T’s new Europe Travel plan offers bundles of 30, 80, or 200 minutes per month for anywhere in Europe. The charges are $30, $60, and $120 respectively, and the overage rate is $1 per additional minute. Bare in mind that on any carrier, charges for international travel always have been and most likely always will be insanely expensive. Today’s AT&T revamp is no exception.

It gets even worse moving on to Rest of World Travel plans (inventive name, AT&T) which cover going elsewhere in the world. Those rates are 15 minutes for $30 per month, 40 minutes for $60, and 100 minutes for $120.

AT&T says its Canada and Mexico Travel package “was introduced earlier this year but will now be available at a better value.” The pricing for traveling to either place is 80 minutes for $30, 200 minutes for $60, and 500 minutes for $120.

For those who prefer to be seen and not heard (literally,) the new Global Messaging 600 plan replaces the Global Messaging 500 plan, offering texters 600 text, picture, or video messages for $60 per month. Global Messaging 200 and Global Messaging 50 are also both available for $30 per month and $10 per month respectively.

Lastly, AT&T customers who sign up for the 300MB or 800MB Data Global Add-On packages will get one extra perk: 1GB of WiFi at no extra charge using AT&T’s international hotspots.

All of these new international plans go in to effect today, November 16th.

[via Engadget]

  • Anonymous

    In typical AT&T fashion, they also jacked up the pay per use rates for Europe from $1.39/min to $1.50/min.

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