Top 10 Nexus 7 Apps and Games : Round 2

In early September, Charles laid out his top 10 must have Nexus 7 apps, and now it’s my turn. There are a nice chunk of applications and games for the Nexus 7, but these are the top 10 I find myself in more often than not.

Unlike the previous list, my focus will be on games, with a few other applications sprinkled in. If I have the Nexus 7 in my hands, I’m probably playing a game, so check out my favorites below!

These apps are in no particular order.


Angry Birds Star Wars

I’ll be the first one to tell you that I haven’t cared about an Angry Birds release since the original, and while I’m not even a fan of Star Wars, Rovio has done it again with its latest game. Angry Birds Star Wars blends previous Angry birds games with one of the most successful film franchises of all time. Sure, the way you play the game remains intact but your Angry Birds assume the identity of your favorite Star Wars characters and have some new powers to dispatch the evil pigs.

Price: Free – Play Store Link


Ever since Auralux was released, I’ve been absolutely obsessed with it. I can’t even begin to tell the world how many times I’ve beaten it. Auralux is a simple strategy game that involves protecting your own sun. The suns produce star-like particles that you send out to attack other suns and make it your own. It’s painfully easy, but it’s addicting. While the game is free, you don’t really get a sense of how great the game is unless you buy speed mode. This speeds the game up and makes it much harder and fun. There are multiple level packages you can buy as well.

Price: Free – Play Store Link


Plume made Charles’ list back in September and it’s made my list for a good reason. Simply put, Plume is essentially the best Twitter application for Android tablets, period. With a great set of widgets and features throughout, there’s not much around that can rival Plume today in our opinion.

Price: Free – Play Store Link

Rayman Jungle Run

Rayman was the first game I ever played on the PSOne so many years ago, and Jungle Run is just as fun. Jump, fly, defy gravity, and more to grab the coins and avoid obstacles. Easy to get the hang of but challenging to beat, Rayman is loads of fun that will keep you entertained for a long time.

Price : $2.99 – Play Store Link

Granny Smith

Granny Smith is a pretty casual game, and even though it’s not completely action packed, it’s still fun. Your character is an old lady and your mission to keep the bandit from getting all the apples as you race him.  You’ll have to clear a fair amount of obstacles that will present themselves quickly in this scroller game, and sometimes just a second’s pause can mean the difference of winning or losing. There’s a good amount of replay value as well, as you have the chance to play as other characters later on in the game.

Price: $0.99 – Play Store Link

Pulse News

Pulse is a great way to stay up to date with your news. The slick user interface is second to none in the world of news apps on Android and it provides just about everything you need to stay up to date with your favorite sites like IntoMobile.

Price: Free – Play Store Link

Zombie Driver THD

Oh, Zombie Driver, where do we start? First off, I’m terrible at this game, but I’ll always have a soft spot for running down zombies. There’s loads of action in the game and killing zombies has never looks so nice thanks to the optimizations made for the NVIDIA Tegra 3.

Price: $6.99 – Play Store Link


Oscura is an interesting game. It’s very simple and has a charming creepiness to it. The lighthouse’s power crystal has been shattered, which was used to keep dark creatures away from your home island. Your mission is to retrieve the shards and restore the lighthouse. Entrenched in darkness, you character has a few nifty powers to help him along his way, like slowing down time and more.

Price: $0.99 – Play Store Link

ShadowGun THD

Does ShadowGun even need an introduction? One of the most graphically rich games on Android, ShadowGun THD is a must-have if you like third-person shooters. You play as a bounty hunter hell-bent on stopping a mad doctor and his army of mutants, cyborgs, and  other enemies. Luckily, you have some incredibly advanced weaponry at your disposal, allowing you to kick some serious ass. ShadowGun is a non-stop action game that’s well worth the money.

Price: $4.99 – Play Store Link

HD Widgets

While most of this list consists of games, we definitely wanted to save some room for a nice widget application. Beautiful Widgets rival HD Widgets claims this spot for some great clock, weather, and settings widgets. One of our favorite features about HD widgets is its ability to customize your widgets to great extent. You can customize colors of virtually everything on the widget, change fonts, transparency levels, and more. And if you’re not looking to spend too much time on customizing your new widget, HD Widgets offers up a randomize button that will give you some awesome combinations to throw on your home screen.

Price: $1.99 – Play Store Link

  • Dan

    You should include Ellevsoft’s social frame HD – when you don’t use your N7, you can turn it into a digital photo frame. (it launches when you connect power)

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