FBI busts JFK worker for the robbery of 3,600 iPad minis

A few days ago, news hit that 3,600 iPad minis were stolen from a cargo hold at New York City’s JFK airport. Now we’ve learned that the FBI has arrested a person suspected of masterminding the heist. The suspect in question, Renel Rene Richardson, allegedly stole almost $2 million worth of iPad minis, was outed by other employees of the airport who came forward and said that he had inquired about the shipment of iPads and where he could get forklifts.

Of course, an inside job like this would need the services of more than one accomplice, as the feds found out. According to the FBI, the suspect in question was apart of a three-man operation. Richardson’s role was to be a lookout while two other suspects loaded up a cargo truck with the stolen iPad minis. At this time it is unknown whether the two pallets of Apple tablets were recovered.

[New York Post; via The Verge]

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