ZTE Avid 4G, ZTE Grand X Pro for MetroPCS leaked

ZTE Avid 4G, ZTE Grand X Pro for MetroPCS leaked

Yesterday was a big day for ZTE with the Chinese company announcing 4 new devices at its event in Russia. Today we’ve caught two of the upcoming smartphones on their way to MetroPCS, compliments to the ever-savvy EVleaks.

The first device is the ZTE Grand X Pro and from what we can tell, it will be a high-end smartphone with specs that most likely include a 720p screen, solid camera, dual- or quad-core processor and so on.

The second one, Avid 4G, is a completely different beast as it has low-end written all over it. The good news is that the “4G” part suggests this little fella will have an LTE connectivity support right from the bat, probably making it the cheapest LTE-enabled smartphone in MetroPCS’ line-up. We don’t have any details but we’ll make sure to share them as soon as we get anything new on this. Stay tuned…

  • Anonymous

    The first of the two looks neat… the other one is terrible.

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