New world of next-gen mobile apps [Infographic]

New world of next-gen mobile apps

As smartphones and tablets have become the norm, more and more of us rely every day on mobile applications. From your favorite weather tracker or news app to Angry Birds, developers all around the world are hard at work bringing new and innovative applications to mobile devices. But what are the tools that enable developers to make apps more innovative?

To answer that question, Samsung developed a Community Development Board called Arndale Board, which combines circuitry, hardware and software to facilitate experimentation with application development. And to promote this tool (and get some media love along the way), they designed the following infographic, enticing developers to jump on board and make app for Samsung devices. Here comes [infographic]…

New world of next-gen mobile apps

  • I agree with the post. It’s true mobile apps are fast ousting desktop software in helping users get productive, entertained and informed in their daily lives. However, i still prefer the traditional desktop for some key tasks like document/spread sheet creation given the form factor of the desktops compared to smart phones.

    Also as noted, mobile apps haven’t yet fully proliferated the enterprise environment which is where most users spend most of their time. The Enterprise is slow moving and it will take some good time convincing it that users can still use their smart phones to accomplish their tasks.

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