Colorful flip covers for Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S III now available

If you’re looking to add a little color and protection to either your Galaxy S III or Note II, then Samsung has you covered. The company is now offering up some protective flip covers that come in a variety of colors for both devices and soon you’ll be able to claim your own.

At the moment, the Galaxy Note II protective covers are available at, and come in Marble White, Titanium Gray, orange, lime green, mint, light blue, and pink. If you’re looking to get more than one cover, Samsung has a bundle option, where $99 will get you four covers or $49 will get you two.

Unfortunately, the Galaxy S III cases are not available on Samsung’s website, and we don’t know if they will be offered up anytime soon. We do know that the Galaxy S III protective covers will be sold separately, so expect them to pop up at carrier and electronic retailers soon. If you’re dead set on a Galaxy S III cover, a quick Google search will give you results from Best Buy, Amazon, etc., where you can find the covers already available. Amazon is already offering the cases below the $39 price point, so it’s best that you head there first.

If you’re ready to grab your own flip cover,  hit up one of the links below!

Galaxy Note II Protective Flip Cover : , Amazon

Galaxy S III Protective Flip Cover : Amazon

Personally, I’d like the see that orange case on the brown Galaxy S III. What combination do you think would look best?


  • William Lockwood

    Correct me If I am wrong, but wouldn’t opening the flipcase to reveal the touch screen render the rear-facing camera unusable?

    • No you aren’t wrong. It opens sort of like a wallet or book. If you want to take pictures you wouldn’t be able to flip it all the way open. From what I’ve seen most aren’t meant to open all the way anyways.

  • This kinds of covers already available in the market. There are lots of good accessory available for the Samsung galaxy S3 phone in the market.

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