Here’s how BYOD turns into a monster [infographic]

Here's how BYOD turns into a monster

You’ve probably heard about the “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) schemes that allow employees to bring their own gear to the work. While that’s all nice — companies get to save some cash on buying dedicated devices and employees get to carry only a single device around — there are also some downsides. According to a new infographic from Rapid7, organizations will have to quickly learn how to control this “monster” in order to live safely in the land of BYOD. Here’s just some of the havoc this monster has caused:

  • 71% of businesses surveyed said mobile devices caused an increase in security incidents
  • 51% of organizations experienced data loss from employee use of unsecured mobile devices
  • 67% of Apple iOS devices are running outdated firmware

Additional stats are neatly presented in an infographic. Check it out and let us know what you think about it…

Here's how BYOD turns into a monster

  • RIMs new BB10 partiton system of personal and business profiles within the one device will solve a huge amount of these problems. Seems like a lot of these company’s jumped on the BYOD bandwagon a tad too early?

  • Anonymous

    You also get VMWare Horizon for Mobile which gives you complete seperation between user and company data on the mobile phone. The problem is that IT departments looked at mobile & mobile security in isolation and not as part of the bigger IT infrastructure and security. You need to look at the bigger picture and then figure out how much of that picture is BYOD and what it will represent.

  • MDM anyone? How can you run an article such a the above, without mentioning Mobile Device Management softwares as a possible solution to those companies!

  • I. Mindy Niall

    An interesting concept. What about intellectual property rights? In the case where the company provides all the tools for an employee to execute on the job description, the company owns all rights to discoveries revealed on company time and company equipment. In the case where revelations are made on employee-owned devices, is there a case to be made for sharing in the rights and revenues realized?

  • Seems “the company” wants everything for nothing.
    If “the company” wants all this it should cough up and put up, or shut up.
    Work from your home, meaning at your expense, supply your own tools at your expense, as it your and not theirs you must carry the liability insurance and responsibilities of anything going wrong, then they pay you less as well because they think they are doing you a big favour.

  • If the company supports BYOD they need to look at a product like Blackberry Mobile Fusion to secure the device while keeping the employees information seperate from the companys info.If the employee leaves the company information can be removed without harming the employees personal info or personal property. Also the company info can be remote wiped incase of a lost device.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Dusan -you asked what we thought? I think it is a massively sensationalist infographic put together by a company who sells network security, so benefits by stirring up panic.

    Yes, of course there is a risk. Yes, you don’t get something for nothing – companies opening up their systems to BYOD need to rethink their data security, and invest to support their newly mobile workforce. I agree with all the other comments pointing out other ways to be secure, but think BYOD is here to stay whether we are ready for it or not. And the solution isnt a security crackdown, rather a clearly thought through policy, and different zones of access for different devices.

  • Art

    Blackberry to the rescue, Blackberry Balance will make this issue of the past. It’s nice to have software that manages phones but this low level approach using Blackberry 10 microkernel technology will truly change the land scape. Enough with blackberry haters. Yes I do have an iPhone but I had it not because its the style as it seems for most people, but the functionality. Looking at this new platform and actually reading up on it you truly understand its potential. So to all the haters do some reading and stop spamming on how blackberry is dead. This platform is trully unique and brings a lot more to the table than most people think. It might appear IOs and android might need to do some upgrading :). Also I need to mention that humans need to start excepting changes as they come rather that ignoring them. Being open to changes is what drives us further. So please people stop talking about things you don’t have a clue on and do some reading and embrace changes. This story about the death of Blackberry 10 sound almost the same when IOs came out.

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