YouTube for iOS gets iPad, iPhone 5, AirPlay support

In addition to the Gmail app for iOS, Google also updated the YouTube app today. It adds support for a variety of different Apple products and services. It at last fills up the entire 4-inch display of the iPhone 5. Having those black bars next to my videos annoyed the hell out of me. Plus, iPad users can rejoice as well thanks to YouTube’s optimization for the tablet as well.

When Apple released iOS 6 in September, it removed the YouTube app that shipped with the operating system since its beginning in 2007. This was good for both Apple and Google: Apple got to remove ties with its arch-nemesis and Google got to release its own app in the App Store and monetize videos with ads. iPhone users got an official YouTube app from Google shortly after iOS 6’s debut, but iPad users have been in the dark for months — until now.

Another welcome feature in the update is AirPlay support so you can stream any YouTube video (with audio) to your Apple TV from the app.

Among some of the smaller improvements is the ability to add or remove videos from playlists, clickable links within video descriptions, and VoiceOver compatibility for better accessibility.

The YouTube app is free for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad in the App Store.

  • Hi, thanks for posting such useful things. It’s great to have YouTube apps in iPhone. Great stuff!!!

  • Yeah! I am excited to have YouTube App back on my iPhone 5. If only Google & Apple could get along. I love using AirPlay for streaming music over Wi-Fi & Streaming Netflix videos for the kids.

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