Google chairman finds it ‘extremely curious’ that Apple hasn’t sued Google

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt discussed the current state of patent litigation between Apple and Google’s partners. Schmidt noted that the relations between Apple’s CEO Tim Cook and Google’s CEO Larry Page are civil and productive, likening the relationship between the two parties to a state model, where two opposing forces can have disputes but still engage in trade agreements and work together in a productive manner.

When it came to a patent dispute settlement between the two companies, however, Schmidt noted that it is ‘extremely curious’ that Apple has chosen to pursue lawsuits against Google’s partners, but not Google itself. Schmidt hopes for a stately solution to the ongoing dispute between the two companies, and added that the biggest loser in the ongoing patent dispute is the entrepreneur, the next Andy Rubin looking to build the next Danger, which grew into the Android platform we know and love today.

[via WSJ, Engadget]

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