Sony overtakes HTC and is now the second Android maker in the UK

Sony overtakes HTC and is now the second Android maker in the UK

According to the UK smartphone sales data from Mobile Today, Sony has overtaken HTC to become the second Android phone company in the country. It is said that the Japanese giant has moved half a million phones over the summer, which is more than HTC’s 440,000 units. Samsung is still far ahead, having managed to sell the astonishing 3.2 million Android models in the same period.

Apparently users are more comfortable with buying Sony- rather than HTC-branded products. Moreover, Sony now offers an array of different smartphones, targeting various price points, the fact that probably helped the company move forward. However, we still wait to see Sony’s first smartphone with a quad-core processor and as far as I know, it won’t be available until early 2013.

Now I’m curious – would you get a Sony smartphone over the one made by HTC?

[Via: EuroDroid]

  • Steevemaster

    sony phones look fancy as frak, with the lighting bar on the bottom and stuff. But HTC make far better GUIs and more solid units, in my opinion.

  • Zdenda Filip?

    go Sony,

  • Walter

    Can’t fault a Sony in any product they make.. This should have happened a long time ago..

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