BlackBerry 10 to ban users from adopting insecure passwords

RIM may block users from using common, easy-to-hack passwords on their BlackBerry 10 phones. The BlackBerry blog, RapidBerry, first noticed the blacklisted passwords buried deep inside BlackBerry 10. The list of banned phrases now includes 106 words, and this list may grow as RIM adds new phrases over time.

History has shown  time and again that companies are hacked and accounts are compromised due to weak passwords. Often, these security breaches reveal that a startling number of users select insecure passwords like their name, the numbers “1234” or, even worse, the word “password” itself.

A small group of customers may complain about picking a password with letters, characters and numbers, but the adoption of a blacklist is a no-brainer move by a company that prides itself on the security of its handsets. RIM is already struggling in the marketplace and a high-profile security breach due to a poor password could tarnish the company’s reputation even further.

[Via Information Week and RapidBerry]

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