Google releases Snapseed for Android, updates iOS version

Back in September, Google purchased Nik Software, makers of the popular Snapseed application for iOS. The move was largely viewed as a grab for the company’s Google+ software, with Snapseed aimed at become the photo filter service of choice for Google’s social network. Today, that dream comes closer to reality with Snapseed for Android, which will soon be released for free on Google Play.

Snapseed for Android brings seamless Google+ integration with a dedicated share button, a seamless gesture-based UI, and advanced photo editing features in a simple-to-use package. The iOS app has been updated as well, adding new features as well as a few additional filters for better looking pictures, and the app is now free for iOS as well.

You can get Snapseed for Android in the Google Play store (not yet live), or for iOS on the App Store.

[via Engadget]

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