Sprint to launch new BOGO offer for Galaxy S II, Galaxy S III and Galaxy Victor

Sprint to launch new BOGO offer for Galaxy S II, Galaxy S III and Galaxy Victor

Later today, Sprint will unveil its Holiday special deal, giving a trio of Samsung Galaxy devices a special BOGO (buy one get one free) treatment. The offer will run through December 24th, so if you know someone who wants the same Galaxy device as you do, make sure to mention him/her this offer. This, of course, presumes both of you live in the Now Network’s coverage area…

We’re hearing this special deal will be available to both new and (eligible) upgrading customers, while supplies are expected to be limited. Later in the day we should get all the details and we’ll update this post if something new emerges. Stay tuned…

[Via: Engadget]

  • This is a Bogus Deal!!!

    Sprint Customers BEWARE!! This offer is nothing more than a JOKE! The $99 w/ 2 year contract at Best Buy on the Galaxy S III is a better deal, not to mention, they don’t advertise one thing, then change the restrictions once you try to take advantage of the deal! In this Sprint AD, Sprint specifically states you can Buy one Galaxy S III, and get one free as long as you open “A” (singular) New Line of Service w/ 2 year contract, or have “AN” (again singular) eligible upgrade on a current line of service and you re contract for 2 more years. I have been with Sprint for more than 10 years, I have 4 lines of service, and pay my bill son time each and every month. Sprint not only advertises this thru out the web, but they actually mailed to my home several days ago as well. Like anyone out there, I thought this was a worth deal, and it just so happens I do have a line that is eligible for an upgrade! Pretty simple, right? Call Sprint, pay them the $199 and get 2 Galaxy S III’s, right? Well not so fast! I called Sprint, and was told you have to open TWO (2) new lines of service, or have TWO (2) lines eligible for upgrade. Upon my explaining to this “Supervisor” (in the retention dept.) that nowhere in the mailer does it have any fine print disclosing this, and I simply asked why in the hell would you advertise it as BOGO, just to piss people off when they legitamitly try to take advantage of the deal!!! her answer was (and I mean verbatim!!) “do you really think we’d just give out “free” phones”, then I told her about Best Buys everyday deal on the Galaxy S III, ON Sprint lines, of only $99 for the phone with a 2 year contract, and then we were disconnected.

    So, I wouldn’t waste any time heading to the Sprint store, waiting hours in line, just to leave angry, and without 2 new Galaxy S III’s, unless you really want to open two (2) lines of new service with two (2) years of contract on each phone! But even then, I’d recommend heading out to Best Buy, and actually saving a couple bucks for the same deal!

    I’m in noway supporting Best Buy, just proving the facts in Black and White.

    If anyone out there actually got the BOGO without having to open 2 new lines of service, I’d like to know!


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