Sony launches Flash Tool in beta

Sony Flash Tool

Sony is steadily emerging as one of the most developer friendly handset makers, though on the other hand they’re far from being the fastest company to bring the latest Android software updates.

The company’s latest gig involves releasing their own Flash Tool that allows users to flash stock ROMs and return devices back to factory settings, at any time and from any state. It does its magic by downloading your phone’s stock ROM from Sony’s server, flashing it to your phone in a single move.

There’s catch, however, as only folks with unlocked bootloaders can use it – but then again, this is usually the crowd that hacks and mods their devices anyway. You won’t be able to flash custom ROMs onto your Sony phone using this tool, and that’s kinda expected since the company wants you to use their own software after all…

  • Anonymous

    Sony is definitely becoming more developer friendly but is it too little too late?

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