Verizon’s Galaxy Camera caught at and then promptly pulled from Samsung’s website

Verizon's Galaxy Camera caught at and then promptly pulled from Samsung's website

We’ve already told you that an LTE-enabled version of the Samsung Galaxy Camera has been caught at the FCC. The model in question had Verizon Wireless written all over it, with its 4G radio supporting the right bands to sing along Big Red’s network.

Now such device got a dedicated page at Samsung’s website before the Korean company or Verizon issuing the formal press release to announce it. Users found Galaxy Camera’s page and Samsung had to pull it since Verizon wasn’t ready — at least, that’s our explanation.

The good news is that with Samsung having a prepared page it’s now just a matter of timing. We’re sure Verizon doesn’t want to see AT&T being the only carrier offering this Android-powered camera and will issue the official press release in the next few days, touting the LTE connectivity support as a major plus of its model (whereas the Galaxy Camera offered by AT&T is limited to HSPA+ speeds). We’ll let you know when we get something new on this…

[Via: AndroidPolice]

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