Analyst believes Apple could make bid for TomTom

Apple iOS 6 Maps

Yes, let the Apple buying TomTom rumors begin. An analyst named, Hans Slob, believes there’s a 30 percent chance of Apple buying GPS and mapping company TomTom. Slob, in a note to investors, said “TomTom needs the cash from Apple, and Apple needs the know-how of TomTom.”

A move like this makes perfect sense, considering the current relationship Apple already has with TomTom. Plus, acquiring the mapping company could help restore what has been a public relations nightmare with its native Maps app.

However, before you tell your friends about Apple buying TomTom know this: it ain’t happening. Well, not until there’s something more concrete from the iPhone maker itself. The job of an analyst is to push out “bold predictions” that may or may not have any legs to it — so always take these things with a mutant-sized grain of salt.

Again, if Apple were to buy TomTom it would be a good move. The question is will they be stubborn enough not to? Apple for whatever reason is absurdly frugal when it comes to tapping into that $100 billion it has in the bank. As a result, passing up a potential acquisition that make sense wouldn’t be at all surprising.

[Bloomberg; via cnet]

  • digital map man

    They have the nice map interface, they only need the good map data. Map databases are a living multi-layered mess and hard to create, let alone keep updated. You have to feed them a good data diet.

    Also, I would just be happy if the Apple maps just drew. Most of the time I get a wire frame of the map tiles showing. Apple please use faster servers!

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