Global Nexus 7 Shipments to top 1 million in December, 2-3 million Nexus 7s in Q4

According to perennial industry favorite Digitimes, unit sales of the Google Nexus 7 tablet will top 1 million in December, indicating continued growth for Google’s budget 7″ slate. Previous reports of Nexus 7 sales pegged between 500,000 and 900,000 units per month, with November being the best-selling month to date for Google’s tablet. Google introduced both a 32GB WiFi and 32GB WiFi with HSPA+ connectivity variant on November 13th, which have both experienced significant levels of demand, as did the discounted 16GB Nexus 7, with an entry-level price of $199.

Digitimes reports that demand for 7-8″ tablets is up for all major brands. Both Amazon’s Kindle Fire line of tablets and Apple’s iPad mini will likely sell between 3 and 4 million units in the quarter as demand for tablets replaces that for netbooks and other small notebooks.

[via BGR]

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