Apple unveils list of best apps, games of 2012

Apple has rounded up its list of the best iPhone apps and games of 2012. Every year Apple posts its list in iTunes, giving its pick for the best app of the year, best game of the year, and runner-ups for each. iPad apps get their own separate list, which we’ll also cover. Best-sellers are mentioned as well. Let’s get right in to the winners.

The iPhone App of the Year award goes to Action Movie FX, a free app that lets anyone add “Hollywood FX” (effects) to any videos they shoot, from laser beams to fire to car smashes. The runner-up is Figure, a $0.99 app allowing musicians or music enthusiasts to quickly and creatively make music on the go.

The iPhone Game of the Year is the highly praised platforming game Rayman Jungle Run for $2.99. The runner-up game is a personal favorite of mine, Letterpress, a free and fun new word multiplayer word game that utilizes Game Center well.

Now for the iPad awards. The iPad App of the Year goes to Paper by FiftyThree, the free drawing/sketching app that had everyone scrambling to buy a stylus after its successful debut. The runner-up is the aforementioned Action Movie FX.

The iPad Game of the Year goes to The Room, a puzzling mystery with 3D graphics for $1.99. The runner-up is the $4.99 Waking Mars action/adventure game that lets gamers explore the red planet and interact with aliens.

The best-selling paid app of the year is Angry Birds Space for both iPhone and iPad. The best-selling free app for iPhone is YouTube and the best-selling free app for iPad is Skype.

Check out the full list of winners including more best sellers and apps by category in iTunes.

[via CNET]

  • Logan

    This “Best of” list is a great
    way to find apps I haven’t used before. The Room is a fantastic game, and the
    Action Movie FX app is one of the most creative and fun apps I’ve found. Waking
    Mars is awesome, too; I have group gaming sessions at lunch time with some of
    my DISH coworkers; it’s such a blast. There are tons I haven’t used though,
    like Rayman Jungle Run or Letterpress, so I’ll have to check them out. Another
    of my favorites is the DISH Remote Access app. With it I can watch live or
    recorded shows off my home receiver, using just my iPad, no matter where I am,
    as long as I get a wifi or 3G connection. I do a lot of travelling, and it’s
    perfect for that.

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