Dell drops plans for future smartphones, looks to Windows 8 and RT

Dell is dismantling its smartphone business and pulling out of the market globally. Jeff Clarke, head of Dell’s consumer business, confirmed that the company is no longer interested in smartphones. “It needs a lot of investments to really be successful,” Clarke told Forbes reporter Jean-Baptiste Su. This move is not surprising as Dell has been slowly pulling out the tablet and smartphone market over the past year.

After its string of popular Axim Pocket PC devices, the company tried to duplicate that success with Android and Windows Phone 7. The company, though, had to compete with the iPhone, iPad and Samsung’s wildly popular Galaxy line of Android devices. As a result, the computer maker saw little to no success with its Dell Streak tablet line and its Venue Pro handset. Dell won’t pursue future smartphones and tablets based on Android, but will focus on Windows 8 and Windows RT devices instead.

[Via Forbes]


  • Anonymous

    I didn’t realize that Dell even made an Android phone.

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