Video: Alcatel One Touch View with Windows Phone 7.8 commercial

Alcatel One Touch View with Windows Phone 7.8 commercial

The Alcatel OneTouch View is about to hit the Russian market and the company has launched the first promo video for the device. As you’re about to see, Alcatel doesn’t talk about the specs and is rather pushing this phone towards the young and trendy, which may appreciate the fact that the OneTouch View is available in different color options. I’m not sure how that “replaces” the hardware, but what do I know…

As we’ve heard it before, Alcatel’s baby will run Windows Phone 7.8 while boasting such specs as 1GHz single-core processor, 4-inch WVGA screen, 512MB of RAM and just 4GB of built-in storage which CAN’T be expanded with memory cards. When it comes to pricing, it will sell for 6999 rubles, the amount that translates into some $226.

[Via: WMpoweruser]

  • Anonymous

    It’s like a cheap ticket to Windows Phone world.

  • Gregory C Newman

    I wish the manufacturer had given them 8 gigs folks so they could store stuff other than that it should run well if you open no more than 2 apps at a time.

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