InMobi: Apple continues to lead mobile ad impressions in North America with Android closing in

InMobi: Apple continues to lead mobile ad impressions in North America with Android closing in

Independent mobile ad network InMobi released its latest Insights Report, revealing that Apple continues to lead the North American mobile ad impression market. Apple’s iOS took 46% market share and increased in size by 4.1% from the previous quarter. Android continues to track closely, with a higher growth rate than iOS at 5.4%, and currently commands 43.6% share, making for a difference of just 2.4% from iOS. Both platforms continue to remain highly competitive, highlighting a clear opportunity for mobile advertising across both Android and iOS in North America.

The data also suggests that Apple devices take the top three positions in terms of total handset share of impressions, with the iPhone leading the market with 27.5%, ahead of the iPod (11.5%) and iPad (7.0%). Other notable devices on InMobi’s list include Amazon Kindle Fire (2.8%) and Motorola RAZR (2.2%).

When it comes to the overall share of manufacturer impressions across smartphones and tablets, Apple is the clear leader with 46% market share, followed by Samsung (17%) and HTC (8%). From all of the leading manufacturers included within the report, only RIM experienced a decline in its share of impressions over the last quarter, going against the positive growth trend that included both the smartphone and tablet device market.

And you can download the full report from InMobi’s website.

  • Blackcat Tech

    You will probably find it is all the Apple share holders watching their stock drop through the floor as the reality that Apple is all not doing as well as all the hype has been telling them it has, finally hits home. But I dont feel sorry for them, because had they listened to those of us who knew this would happen as soon as the iphone 5 came out, they wouldn’t be in this situation. Look at the Apple map App situation, the horrendous problems people had with the iOS 6 update, the ipad mini with its very low class screen, the redesign of the ipad 4, the whole lightening cable change over which has made all previous accessories obsolete , the product supply issues, etc, etc, etc. It all adds up as a management team who dont have a clue. All the Apple stock holders say the companies fundamentals are good, well wake up people because they are not. The rot is right at the top and when you have two senior Apple execs cashing in their own shares, it proves that they know it too. They are already bringing out an iphone 5S because the 5 is considered just a mediocre product at best and they are bringing out a new ipad mini to address the poor screen quality. This just shows how complacent and arrogant they are in thinking that their customers would buy any old rubbish. To bring the ipad mini out with a really low quality display shows just how out of touch with the markets reality they are. Remember Cook saying that all the 7 inch Android tables are compromised….Well they are not as compromised as your ipad mini is Tim.

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