CyanogenMod 10.1 nightly builds available for Galaxy S and Galaxy S III

The CyanogenMod team is hard at work bringing Android 4.2 to as many devices possible. Owners of the Samsung Galaxy S III (both T-Mobile and AT&T) should be happy to know that nightly builds is available for download. The super devs also showed some love to those of you still rocking the original Galaxy S, as nightly builds are available for you as well.

Now a quick word to you newbs out there. Nightly builds, for the most part, are unstable ROMs that update daily. So if you’re thinking of rooting and slapping one of these on your phone, just know it isn’t the last ROM. Here’s the links to CyanogenMod (Galaxy S), (Galaxy S III AT&T), (Galaxy S III T-Mobile).

[via Android Police]


  • Tyler

    can some one help me i updated my GalaxyS3 today, the 22 of December, With CM- 10.1-20121222 Nightly, thats what the file says, and i cant enable my data

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