FreedomPop starts pre-orders of Freedom Hub Burst, offers home customers 1GB of 4G data for free

FreedomPop is storming the wireless market with yet another groundbreaking offer for free wireless internet connectivity. Instead of smartphone-based plans, the start-up is now giving away 1GB of 4G wireless data to home owners who use their new Freedom Hub Burst device. The device doesn’t require a contract and supports up to 10 wireless or Ethernet devices. The wireless bacon for the service is provided by Clearwire’s WiMAX network. If you need more than 1GB of dat per month, FreedomPop customers can purchase plans that provide up to 10GB of data. Pre-orders for the Freedom Hub Burst device are available now. It will ship in February 2013.

[Via FreedomPop]

  • jod

    They offer 1G vs 500MB (on the other Freedompop devices) as it’ll always be on and connected to a computer for a great length of time. Why ? Because they round up your data usage to the next megabyte every 15 minutes. So if you just check email 4 times an hour (without any actual new email) that’s 4MB used. Think of it, charged 96MB a day for only a few hundred kilobytes of actual data. So now you need to buy data. And at $10 per GB, that’s not cheap.

  • Logical 😀

  • 1GB per month? That’s like … one, perhaps two … Netflix movies …. per month. And then $10 per GB after that. Cheaper to buy DVDs. 1GB/month means internet without video, 1990’s style!

  • brian gallentine

    CLEAR SUCKS! Tried it before and after an initial (SHORT) period of smokin’ speed found pages wouldn’t load and several other problems that were indicative of throttling. I’d never heard of it until a friend suggested it as cause upon hearing of my experience. I’d rather pay the crazy bucks I do to use my phone as hotspot until these cable and internet providers come back to being in the business of providing a good service/ product for a reasonable price. Peeps here in the states believe the lies they’re told ( ‘You’re getting best service for the best price in the world.’). Britain, France, S Korea and Japan all laugh at us, knowing the difference.

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