Boost Mobile to start throttling users who exceed 2.5 gigabytes a month

Boost Mobile, a Sprint owned company, plans to start throttling customer data usage that exceed 2.5 gigabytes of usage each month. Once the throttle cap is hit, speeds will drastically come down to a meager 256kbps. This new policy will go in effect despite the prepaid carriers’ pay-as-you-go “unlimited” marketing we’ve all come accustomed to. These changes will set in “on or around” January 20th, according to a post on Boost’s Facebook page.

This throttling of data speeds kind of blows. It seems to be the industry standard when it comes to true “unlimited.” The thing is, throttling at 2.5 gigabytes is really unnecessary because the majority of users don’t even come close to that amount of data used in a month. Boost assured everyone that the slower speeds will only affect a small percentage of customers.

Since Boost Mobile is owned by The Now Network, it wouldn’t be at all surprising if this move had something to do with Sprint’s Network Vision plan. Getting spectrum in this country is a grind, so the new wave for major carriers now is to re-purpose the spectrum they already have. This could be one of those instances.

Who on Boost uses more than 2.5 gigabytes of data a month?

[Boost Mobile (Facebook); via The Verge]

  • Anonymous

    I love Boost mobile “Bait & Switch” shrinkage plan I just hit 18+
    plus months an this is twice they cut away from what they promised. Boost
    throttle Folks is NOT 256k speed limited, 256k is the Maximum you can get
    in Dallas from morning to midnight if you’re lucky. When they throttle
    you in Dallas you drops to 15k-56k . I don’t use 5gb but 3gb time to
    time. I leaving boost to Tmobile. I plan to warn every one via comments
    on every Boost news stories online so people know what they do.

    *1st it was truly unlimited unthrottled *
    +Then Revised to pretend – unlimited 2.5Gb (3g Throttled) but 4G Not Throttle+
    $Then Revised Again pretend unlimited 2.5Gb (3g/4g both Throttled)+


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