Google Apps for Business users get free QuickOffice app for iPad

Google is doing something special for those business app users that felt wronged, as it recently changed its service from free to a charge of $50 a year. So as a token of its appreciation, the search giant will give disgruntled users a free version of Quickoffice for the iPad, which is an exclusive perk for users of Google Apps for Business.

Cool features within the software suite include the ability to view, edit and create Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, all with the added support of Google Drive integration. Once again, Google is giving those on iOS the special treatment ahead of Android users, with the free iPad
version of QuickOffice. The search giant assured folks rocking the iPhone or their Android phone of choice that they can expect a free QuickOffice app as well. However, Google didn’t release details to when folks will see the application.

This is yet another dig at their rival Microsoft. This comes after us getting word that the master of search has no intentions of bringing Windows Phone its wildly popular mobile apps: Gmail, Google Maps, and YouTube. We also can’t forget Google’s recent move to drop Microsoft’s active ActiveSync within its Gmail services. This has been a rough week for Microsoft/Windows Phone users who love Google apps.

[via engadget]

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