LG continues to advertise its out-of-stock Nexus 4 handset

LG could learn a thing or two from Apple and Samsung when it comes to marketing and selling a high-profile smartphone. LG launched its Nexus 4 handset at the beginning of the holiday shopping season and inventory of the phone has been abysmal. The phone sold out in hours and its availability has been hit or miss since day one.

Unlike Apple which faces a shortage by steadily delivering a few handsets on a regular basis, LG’s supply of the Nexus 4 has been far too low, and erratic. Customers looking to buy a Nexus 4 have no idea when LG will release another crop of phones and Google will open its website for ordering. Rather than wait for a phone that may or may not arrive, many potential Nexus 4 owners will likely consider other in-stock handsets because of this uncertainty.

Not only is LG struggling to meet demand for the Nexus 4, the company is also tripping up in the marketing of the phone. As spotted by PhoneArena, LG recently debuted PhoneArena]

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