Samsung’s Android 2012 market share doubled year over year

We’d say this comes to us as a surprise, but it doesn’t. Samsung has managed to gobble up almost half the Android market share for 2012. According to Millennial Media, Samsung’s Q3 2011 share of 23% skyrocketed to  46% in Q3 of 2012.

Samsung has been producing hit after hit with its Galaxy line of handsets, with the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II at the forefront. Not only is it making great devices, the company has also marketed its products like there’s no tomorrow. From fun family ads to a few more risqué ads for its Galaxy handsets, Samsung is covering all fields to get one of its phones in your pocket.

With virtually a phone of every size and price available, Samsung has saturated the smartphone market with multiple choices, which has certainly helped the company in the past year.

In the same time that Samsung saw its shares double, both HTC and Motorola’s market shares were cut in half. This time last year, HTC held more than a quarter of the market with 32%, and Motorola was running with 22%, nipping at Samsung’s heels. Fast forward to this quarter, and HTC currently holds 16%, with Motorola at 11%.

There’s little doubt that Samsung will come out swinging in the beginning of 2013, so we can only hope the Android competition is prepared.

[Via: BGR]

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