HTC Thunderbolt getting its ICS update “soon”

HTC Thunderbolt getting its ICS update soon

Last time we’ve heard, HTC was working on connectivity issues with Verizon to make the Ice Cream Sandwich update work for the Thunderbolt. It seems they’re finally getting their act together though users are likely flocking to other devices with their Thunderbolt contracts expiring as we speak. Nevertheless, the Taiwanese company wants to serve the second-hand market and is now promising that the update will be released “soon.” In a short tweet, they “forgot” to mention the exact date leaving us pondering when that will happen exactly. The way I see it, this time round that “soon” stands for the next few days with HTC delivering the new software as a sort of Christmas gift for its customers. That, of course, presumes these customers haven’t rooted their devices and installed some third-party ROM, instead. I know I would do that if I had the Thunderbolt…

[Via: Droid-Life]

  • Anonymous

    I would say this is more of Verizon’s than HTC’s fault…

  • hoosierfela

    too late..already switched to Galaxy Note 2. Glad I did.

  • Rizzo

    HTC USA is not HTC real Twitter. I just called them and they confirmed ITS NOT GETTING ICS>..

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