HTC didn’t made an 5-inch Windows Phone device because the platform doesn’t support 1080p screens

HTC didn't made an 5-inch Windows Phone device because the platform doesn't support 1080p screens

While Microsoft is working round the clock to improve its mobile platform it still lacks behind Android. For one thing, Windows Phone doesn’t seem to support full HD 1080p screens, which apparently is the reason why HTC didn’t want to make a 5-inch Windows Phone device. From what we’ve heard, the Taiwanese company considered making such product only to conclude that something like that doesn’t make sense since it will be limited to 720p resolution. Instead, HTC decided to wait for the further OS improvements.

All said, we expect to see Microsoft rolling out platform updates soon and bring that and other capabilities which come as standard in all Android smartphones. Perhaps the Redmond giant will use the upcoming CES to unveil platform updates, perhaps they’ll do that from the floor of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. In any case, they have to get their act together if they want to stay relevant in the mobile game. And supporting the high-resolution screens is an important part of the equation, or so we think…

[Via: Bloomberg, UnwiredView]

  • Anonymous

    I agree that Microsoft needs to get its act together with Windows Phone…

  • Mary

    Didn’t made ?? did you pass by second grade where you should have learned that its didn’t MAKE ?? can you read and write?

    • Anonymous

      Such tolerance for people with English as a second language! It’s lovely to see the world coming together in peace and harmony, Mary you sarcastic old dog. Oh, and you might want to try learning how to write yourself, your punctuation is terrible.

      • Mary

        Please educate me. Where is the terrible punctuation ? Just to let you know I come from the Middle East so English is very much my second language except that I invested a lot of effort into learning the proper language. If you can’t master a language, don’t use it in a blog. Frivolous is so in vogue these days.

        • Anonymous

          Well… okay, if you really want to be correct about it. There are no spaces between words and question marks, and you generally only need to use one to make your point. Don’t forget capital letters at the beginning of new sentences and “it is” shortens to “it’s”, with an apostrophe. “Its” is possessive. You can also use “should’ve” in place of “should have”, but it’s not mandatory. Have a nice day 🙂

          • Mary

            Ok great! Thank you! This is how it’s supposed to be. Correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. Every industry is keen about maintaining and improving quality, same applies to language.

  • Gene

    The plastic cases and the bright colors of these phones is what gets to me, and not in a good way. I just compared this to the HTC Droid DNA and the DNA is more solid. But, I need something on AT&T’s 4GLTE. I am in the U.S. (Atlanta) and need speed, most of all, for sending large graphics files. AND the high-res is important.

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