WhatsApp is now free to download for all iOS devices

The wildly popular message client known as WhatsApp is now free for all to download on iOS. This mobile application usually goes for 99 cent, but for a limited time, users will get it free of charge. WhatsApp is a cool way for users to avoid SMS fees in mobile phone plans, as it lets users send messages to other members of the service over the internet. Although the app is free for now to those rocking an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, folks on Android will continue to get it free, with a $0.99 yearly fee kicking in after the first 12 months.

It’s crystal clear to us that the popular cross-platform messaging client is making a play to grab new customers during this holiday season. However, it will be a challenge to grab iOS users who are attached to Apple’s iMessage or Facebook Messenger.

That being said, this holiday push for next year may be all for not, as rumors of a Facebook takeover have swirled for months. It makes perfect sense for the biggest social network to focus on a potential acquisition of a major competitor such as WhatsApp.

Do any of you use WhatsApp? If not, which message client do you prefer?

[via The Verge]

  • Surya

    What do you think, WhatsApp or Nimbuzz, which is better?

  • musl

    information not true. not on ipad and itouch.

  • ameeeeeeeeeee

    thanke you

  • UrbanNegro

    You fucking idiot its not available on iPad

  • I can’t download whatsapp on iPad3

  • torooh


  • Amandeep

    iPad 4 te kida what’s app download hunda PLZ Tell me

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