AT&T brings LTE to several new markets, including Connecticut

AT&T is trying to end the year on a strong note, with rolling out its 4G LTE to as many locations across the country as possible. The second largest wireless provider in the United States announced today that it has brought high-speed LTE data to seven more metropolitan areas (with 10 locations total). The list of places include the following:

  • Hartford, Connecticut
  • New Haven, Connecticut
  • Boise, Idaho
  • Boulder, Colorado
  • Bowling Green, Kentucky
  • Lexington, Kentucky
  • Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  • Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
  • Providence, Rhode Island
  • Ogden, Utah

The Death Star’s LTE network is dumb-fast! When I woke up this morning, I was pleasantly surprised to see my 4G indicator light on my phone (this is in Hartford, CT). Of course, I had to test the data speed and I was blown away with what I found. Using the speedtest app, I was able to clock 39.19Mbps down and 5Mbps up.

How about you guys? What data speeds were you able to record?

Source: AT&T

  • Funny Providence has had AT&T LTE for the last 5 months. Now because AT&T officially announced it, should it be better/faster? Providence is a few square miles, I would be impressed if the announced all of Rhode Island was LTE.

  • Jack

    got 48 megabytes download and 15 megabytes upload in Boise Idaho this morning. LTE is blazing fast in Boise Idaho

  • Anonymous

    It’s like a Christmas gift for users living in those areas.

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