Google Nexus 10 dock revealed in a holiday video

Google Nexus 10 dock revealed in a holiday video

You may have seen that “Happy Holidays from Android” clip and noticed a Nexus 10 dock in it. Yup, it looks like something of that sort is in development and from what we can tell, it seems ready for the prime time. Not to make dock designers’ work irrelevant – but “it’s just a dock” so it should’ve been released months ago. And it’s also a product many Nexus 10 owners would love to get.

We’ve no idea when Samsung and/or Google will start selling these and can only hope that will happen in the next few days or weeks. Hopefully we won’t have to wait for CES to be able to grab one. And judging by the Nexus device prices, the dock shouldn’t break anyone’s bank… though you never know.

Anyway, here’s the “happy holidays” video again. The Nexus 10 starts its ride around 1:00 in, and you can see it again at 1:14.

[Via: AndroidCentral]

  • Anonymous

    I need that dock badly. 🙂

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