Samsung launches AllShare Framework SDK 1.0 to allow developers to beam content between devices sans any wires

Samsung AllShare Framework SDK

You know that Samsung has its own name software for “controlling” DLNA. It calls it Allshare and it apparently makes it even easier to beam content from a Samsung tablet or smartphone to a big screen TV. And now the company is launching the Allshare Framework SDK that should enable developers to include some of these capabilities into their apps. The SDK includes set of APIs, eclipse simulator, and sample app for adding value to your app(s).

Among the features you’ll be able to include with the AllShare Framework SDK are:

  • Media Share – for streaming media files stored in a device or web server to other DLNA-compatible devices.
  • Screen Share – ability to mirror any screen currently being displayed to another display device in real-time.
  • Control Share – functions like a Smart TV remote controller and can handle web page on a Smart TV. By implementing this capability, developers can navigate a TV web browser, control a TV cursor or run an app on a Samsung TV like a remote controller.

Additional details and download information are available from here.

[Via: SammyHub]

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