Track down Santa’s every move with Google’s Santa Tracker via apps or web

If you’re looking to stalk old St. Nick as he’s on his way to deliver gifts to all the good girls and boys of the world, it just got easier with Google’s app on the Play Store. If don’t have an Android phone, Google is offering up a number of different ways to follow the jolly man’s journey.

Santa Tracker App

You can grab the official Santa Tracker app through the Google Play store on your Android phone, which will show you exactly where Santa is right now, where he’s headed to, and how many presents have been delivered so far!

Google Earth

You can also track Santa through Google Earth, whether it’s the mobile app or the desktop program. Available in the Tour Guide section, you can watch Santa fly through his current destination in 3D!

*We had some trouble getting the link to track Santa via Google Earth, but it’s easily accessible through the Santa Tracker app. Just tap on the Google Earth icon at the bottom right of the start screen, and you’re off!


If you want to track Santa from the web, then you have a couple of options. For the desktop, Google is offering up a Chrome Extension for quick access to Santa’s location, with a direct link to the site, where you can play games, have Santa call a friend for you, and much more.

There are more Santa tracking apps and sites around, but we’d be lying if we said we didn’t really like what Google’s done this Holiday Season.


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    Leaving Finland, aren’t you Santa. 🙂

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