Amazon Offering A Handful of Free Android Apps

Christmas is officially over, but that’s not stopping Amazon from getting all Santa on us. You may be familiar with Amazon’s “Free App of the Day” deal, in which Amazon offers a free paid app for its users through its own App Store. Think of this offering as a big old stocking full of many of the most popular and  most downloaded apps from the “Free App of the Day” service.   Among Amazon’s offerings are some pretty solid productivity apps, as well as a few games.

Here’s a look at some of the offerings:

Office Suite Professional 6- Normally priced at $14.99, this fully fledged office app does pretty much everything you could ask for; word processing, spreadsheet development, and compatibility with Google Docs as well as Word and Excel formats.

Splashtop Remote Desktop- This app will allow you to access files from your home/work computer on the go. Got a song or video you’re dying to show your friends but it’s on your computer at home? No problem, just fire up this app and let the streaming begin.

KeepTrack Pro- This app keeps track of everything from daydreams to what medications you are taking. This app also creates graphs based on your data.

Radiant HD- This Galaga like shooter will keep you entertained for hours. And it looks great on tablets.

These are only a few of Amazon’s offerings, so grab those devices and point them to the Amazon App Store. Engage!

[Via:  Amazon, DroidLife]

  • Anonymous

    Smells like desperation.

  • Sid Anderson

    Great information!I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now.It will be really useful for all the work. Thanks!

    • holofire

      Yep! Really nice stuff, more free apps = more free fun 😉
      Btw if you are looking for some good fun games try this:
      streetquest – run is a game

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