Mark Cuban: My Nokia Lumia “crushes” the iPhone 5

Mark Cuban: My Nokia Lumia crushes the iPhone 5

Mark Cuban, the famous owner of the Dallas Mavericks, spurred some serious debate at Reddit after saying that its new Nokia Lumia phone (we guess it’s Lumia 920) “crushes” the iPhone 5.

He also says his other phone is a Samsung Android device which is most likely the Galaxy S III (though he wasn’t specific) and it too “kick the iPhone’s ass.”

Cuban went on to say that he loves the T-Mobile Wi-Fi calling and the openness of the Android platform. By relying on a replacement keyboard software, he increases typing speed (guess he’s using SwiftKey), while still missing the speed typing of the SideKick…

So what do we make it? Nothing actually. Everyone’s entitled to his/her own opinion whether he/she is a multi-billionaire or not. Still if you have all that cash, you attract attention of bloggers as you can tell…

[Via: TheNokiaBlog]

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