New Note II ad from Samsung showcases the business side of the device

Samsung does a great job with its commercials and the latest one for the Note 2 is no exception. Titled Office Upgrade, the 1-minute advertisement showcases the Note II in a work environment. It is filled with your typical office banter between two co-workers who are equipped with Note II handsets. One is using the phone to draw pictures and goof off, ¬†while the other is processing the quarterly earnings report. You’ll have to watch the clip to see how the slacker gets her just reward in the end.

[Via YouTube]

  • That is a good commercial, sort of.

    I still refuse, have no patience for, doing anything on my phone that uses any sort of keyboard or really requires me to look at the screen, not when there’s an enormous screen and full-sized keyboard in front of me.

    So the use case they show hardly seems realistic.

    On the other hand slacking female did get her just rewards. If she were a feminist, she’d probably be claiming she works just as hard as the guy, and just got stiffed on the networking opportunities, probably file a suit.

  • Anonymous

    Really awesome. But Galaxy Note II stays too big for my fingers.

  • Anonymous

    I love my NOTE II!

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