Rivalry between Amazon and Google to escalate in 2013

Rivalry between Amazon and Google to escalate in 2013

Reuters is running an interesting piece that looks at the two tech giants, Amazon and Google, and their relations. The authors, Alexei Oreskovic and Alistair Barr, suggest that next year we’ll see the two companies confronting each other in a big way.

Amazon is offering its own tablet with a special software layer that runs on top of Android. In this scheme, Google doesn’t get all the ad dollars it used to get from more standardized Android installations. Moreover, the online retailer is also a strong player in the cloud space and is already offering advertising services.

Google on its end has the Compute Engine, which directly competes with Amazon’s popular EC2 platform, and is still reigning supreme in digital advertising.

Now, we’ve already heard few rumors that Amazon will launch its own smartphone and when that happens, the battle will begin… or so I think. We’ll make sure to follow where this goes and in the meantime, make sure to read the full analysis at Reuters…

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