Chinese Lumia phones get exclusive call and SMS blocker feature

Nokia Lumia 920, Lumia 820 now shipping

All of Nokia’s Lumia phones have been in high demand since the devices landed in China. Customers who have bought the handset discovered a couple of unique features seemingly exclusive to the Chinese market only. These functions include call and SMS blocker. If you live in China having a call and SMS blocker is huge in the fight to stop spammers from harassing you on a daily. Apparently, spamming is an epidemic in the country. So you can understand this kind of feature is highly touted in a place that suffers from this kind of extremely intrusive behavior.

The blocker comes pre-loaded with all Chinese Lumia 920 and 820 devices, and it includes the following functions:

  • Block callers per mobile numbers
  • Block all SMS from specific sender
  • Dynamically block SMS containing specific keywords
  • Update the keyword database online for said SMS blocking
  • View all blocked calls and messages
  • Trace the geographic origin of specific phone numbers (only works for mobile numbers, precise to municipality and carrier)

That being said, it’s unclear whether the feature is a creation of Nokia or just powered by some other company. Regardless, the function is much-needed, and we’re sure folks in China could care less who is truly behind the feature.

[via WP Central]

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