US Cellular’s Galaxy Note II gets the multi-window upgrade, too

US Cellular's Galaxy Note II gets the multi-window upgrade, too

Next in line to get its version of the Samsung Galaxy Note II updated is US Cellular, which users can now join the “multi-window trend.” The new software brings Android version to 4.1.1 adding few new features and updating many of the apps. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Split screen functionality (Multi-Window) for true multi-tasking.
  • Fixed bug when taking pictures using the “BURST” mode – sometimes when you go to gallery, pictures would not be displayed – they would be black images.
  • Devices would occasionally toggle between 3G and 1X which is not customer impacting but could generate calls.
  • Could not search image files by “Search” option in My Files application.
  • Update for many apps, including City ID (goes to version 1.25.1), Daily Perks (version 4.5.14), Your Navigator Deluxe (, Tone Room Deluxe (2.0.31), Gameloft Portal (2.1.1), Mobi TV (, Amazon Apps (2.6.53), Amazon Audible (1.3.9), Amazon IMDB (2.7.0), Amazon MP3 (2.7.0), Amazon Shopping (2.0.2), Amazon Zappos (2.0.2), Amazon Kindle (, Let’s Golf 3 (1.0.2), Slacker Radio (3.2.1062), Wi-Fi Now (4.4.67).

In addition, there are a number of UI changes to further improve the experience. If your Note II hasn’t informed you about the update, you can manually check for the new version from “Settings” -> “About Device” -> “Software Update.”

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