Facebook Messenger adds voice messaging, tests VoIP calling

Facebook is pushing ahead with the feature set in its Facebook Messenger. The update, which has rolled out to the iOS App Store and Google Play, brings voice messaging to the app. Users can record a simple message up to a minute in length and send it to their friend on Facebook, who can then play it within the conversation.

The feature furthers the war between Facebook and SMS, which it seems like Facebook is trying to flat-out kill. In fact, it might have a slight advantage. For instance, while you can attach a voice memo on the iPhone to a message, you’ll have to go to the Voice Memos app first, record it there and then share it in the message. With Facebook Messenger you’ll never have to leave the app; record and share all in one place.

Plus, Facebook is also testing VoIP calling within the app so users can participate in live voice calls through Facebook. They wouldn’t deduct from your cellular minutes plan, however they would count toward your data plan. This feature isn’t readily available with the update, but Facebook said it will be rolling out over the next few weeks to everyone. Currently, it’s only being tested with Canadian users.

I still find it a little disappointing that there’s still no Facebook Messenger for iPad app. It had been in testing, but there’s still nothing available to consumers and not even a hint of anything coming. The addition of voice messaging would certainly benefit iPad users, but for now, iPhone users should be equally as enthusiastic.

You can grab Facebook Messenger for free in the iPhone App Store or in Google Play.

[via AllThingsD]

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