Sprint to offer pay as you go option for customers who deplore contracts

According to a rumor from Android Police, Sprint may start offering a pay-as-you-go plan for customers who prefer to avoid signing a two-year contract. The wireless carrier already offers no-contract plans through its Boost Mobile and Virgin brands, but these latest prepaid plans would come directly from parent brand Sprint.

According to the leaked information, the prepaid option is only available for select phones. The four launch handsets will include Sprint branding and will be sold at reasonable prices starting at $50 for the Samsung M400 flip phone and $150 for the Android-powered LG Optimus Elite. The other two phones include the $80 Samsung Array feature phone and the $250 Samsung Victory smartphone.

The starter prepaid plan for smartphones is rumored to cost $70 per month, while the feature phone will cost your $50. Both plans will net you unlimited talk, text and web. Data roaming is supposedly not included in the package so you have to be on Sprint’s network to access your email for free. Details on roaming were not clear, but the leaked documents suggest customers who roam on other carrier’s networks will eat into their prepaid credit.

Sprint will allegedly start selling the prepaid packages on January 25, 2013. They will be marketed with the Sprint As You Go moniker.

[Via Android Police]

  • Anonymous

    So are they going to turn off Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile? Kinda weird if you ask me… and you don’t. 🙂

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